Community Serve Day February 23, 2020

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USS Midway

Come for a "FOD Walk" and general cleaning of this historic museum!
Sunday, 02/23/2020, 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM

USS Midway
910 North Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101
WE WILL MEET AT THE NAVY PIER PARKING LOT AT 9:15, THEN BOARD THE SHIP AT 9:30. PARKING: We are not able to provide free parking as the lot in front of the ship does not belong to the Midway. The current parking rate is $10 for the entire day. Vehicles can drop off groups directly in front of the museum at no charge, then park elsewhere. There is also alternative parking at Lane Field, 900 West Broadway, and Seaport Village and on city streets (metered).

IF IT RAINS ON COMMUNITY SERVE DAY, this project will still take place.

The USS Midway was one of the longest serving aircraft carriers. It is now a museum in the San Diego harbor. The work will be done before the ship opens to the public. (Volunteers will be allowed ship access for the remainder of the day!)

This site will be participating in either 1) FOD Walks or TAD Walks.  FOD Walks are named after traditional military Foreign Object Debris Walks where sailors physically inspect and clean the flight deck of any foreign objects that could cause damage to the aircraft or personnel when blown by rotors or sucked into engines. On the Midway, our FOD Walks involve cleaning out the pad eyes, which collect a lot of dirt from everyday activity on the ship.  2) TAD Walks (Temporary Additional Duty) are a general cleaning routine of all of the tour routes that are open to the public during museum hours. This includes dusting and wiping down of the walls, cleaning of glass and plastic barriers, and making “discrepancy reports” of any areas that need attention from the ship’s engineering department. This includes lights that are out and areas that are excessively worn, damaged or in need of painting. 

Minimum age is 6.

Dress for a morning of outdoor projects – your Community Serve Day T-shirt, pants that you can get dirty, a hat, gloves, sunscreen and comfortable closed-toe shoes. Don't forget to bring some water!

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